Popular Diabetic Test Strips and Blood Monitors Make Shopping Easy

Buying a blood monitor and test strips is an important decision that impacts one's health. It's important to get as accurate results as possible. Inaccurate results can lead to hypoglycemia unawareness. Not only is buying a glucose monitor a huge step, but it's also one of the biggest decisions you will ever make about your health. If you think you are ready to purchase the right glucose monitoring system, you need to be aware of the best ones to use. There is more to it than just buying an affordable monitor and test strips. Users should also choose one that provides fast and easy and results. It's best to read reviews before choosing the first one that's available at the drugstore or pharmacy. It's also important to know how each of these monitors is used. Here are some of the best glucose monitoring systems that are perfect for first-time users.

1 - Contour Next EZ

The Contour Next EZ is perfect for beginners since it's not a complicated monitor. It may not be the smallest monitor out there, but it's sufficient enough for everyday use. It's also easy and accurate to use. Users don't have to worry about getting incorrect results or receiving repetitive results.

2 - OneTouch Verio

The OneTouch Verio is a great option for those who have vision issues. It provides a backlit screen which makes it easier to read the test results. The Verio uses ColorSure technology using a color-coded system to let the user know if they're reading is within the normal range. The blood monitor system has been proving to display accurate results each time. The meter is more affordable than other meters on the market, and the test strips are affordable as well.

3 - Abbott FreeStyle Lite

The FreeStyle Lite is perfect for busy users who don't want to wait around for test results. It provides accurate and fast results every time. It also gives users the ability to test their blood sugar anywhere they want. Users can test a sample of blood from their fingertip, upper arm, and palm of their hand. The test strips cost $1.46 per strip, but it includes a feature called ZipWIk that gives users fast and simple blood testing. Most users see results in just a few seconds. A small drop of blood is all that's needed.

4 - Walgreens True2Go

The Walgreens True2Go is the most affordable blood monitor system on this list. The monitor only costs $10.00 and is small enough to fit into a user's purse or pocket. The True2Go provides a portable and convenient option for testing blood sugar everywhere. The accuracy of this monitor is questionable at times; however, you can twist the monitor on top of a test strip vial. For the user that's always on the go, the True2Go is the best system out there.

5 - OneTouch Ultra 2

The OneTouch Ultra 2 is a low-pay option for users who have low-cost insurance or state assistance. The OneTouch Ultra costs $20.00, which is affordable for users with or without insurance. The results are dated, which makes blood glucose monitoring easy for regular tracking. However, it takes more time to receive results than most monitors on the market. It also has other downsides such as requiring a large amount of blood to test. It costs $1.32 per test strip, which makes it costly if users have to test multiple times per day.

6 - Livongo Health In Touch Meter

The last one on this list is the Livongo Health In Touch Meter which provides unlimited testing strips. Users don't have to worry about the costs of buying additional testing strips. It also includes features such as health coaching and an app that tracks your results. However, users would have to pay a $75.00 fee to access the app on their smartphone. This blood monitor system is designed to fit in the palm of the user's hand and has a large display that uses touchscreen technology.