What Equipment Do I Need to Buy to Workout At Home?

Going to the gym can often be a challenge. Memberships are expensive, finding childcare can be a hassle, paying for additional classes certainly adds up and not to mention the gas traveling back and forth to and from the gym.

The hours of operation at a facility are also limited so working out at home is the perfect alternative. There are so many benefits of working out from home including:

  • The freedom to work out on a flexible schedule
  • No judgment from a trainer or anyone else for that matter
  • No worries about germs on equipment, the ability to blare music without interrupting others
  • No commuting back and forth and being able to shower in the comfort of your own home afterwards.

Imagine bringing the gym to your home with very little effort and with just a few basic workout essentials. Here are the 7 Equipment Essentials for Home Workouts.

1 - Dumbbells

Whether focusing on building strength and muscle, or simply wanting to add a little extra weight to your exercises, purchasing dumbbells is a key equipment essential for a home gym. Having both a light set and heavy set of dumbbells is ideal since space at home can be limited. The ability to achieve your fitness results isn’t being compromised. There are endless exercise possibilities to perform while using dumbbells so they are a key arsenal to have for your home workout routine!

2 - Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are available with different levels of resistance and are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment one can own. These bands are small which helps with space, portable which is perfect for travel or moving from room to room, yet highly effective as they can work out the entire body. Resistance bands can be used for any level of fitness as you can adjust the resistance simply by switching up the bands. They are also a safe alternative to heavy weights, which makes them ideal for in-home use.

3 - Kettlebell

Kettlebell workouts are great for a total body workout. They are available in a variety of different weights that are perfect for exercises such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. Kettlebells are a must-have for an in home workout space as they combine both strength and cardio. Not only are they functional, but also they are compact, fun and easy to learn. Movements are simple with kettlebells and there are endless combinations to perform so you’ll never get bored of doing the same routine.

4 - Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are great for in-home workouts, especially for building core strength and coordination. Medicine balls are available from four pounds all the way up to forty pounds and they are a very durable piece of equipment to own. Whether you are carrying it, throwing it, or using it for abdominal exercises, medicine balls provide many options for home workouts. Look for a soft weighted ball as they are more forgiving while in the home.

5 - Weighted Jump Rope

Yes, jump ropes may seem a bit old school, but take your workout to the next level with weighted jump ropes that add resistance and gets your heart rate up for a more intense home workout. Not only does jumping rope get your rate up which is great for cardio, but also it works your arms, legs and core. They are super small as well which makes for optimal storage space in your home or when traveling.

6 - Plyo Box

Plyo boxes are designed to increase muscle power, quickness and explosiveness. They are also a versatile essential piece of equipment for the home as they also serve as a stabilizer for squats, bench dips and other non-jumping exercises. A few in-home workouts using plyometric boxes include: squat jumps, tuck jumps, lunges, mountain climbers, box dips and angled push-ups. These boxes are available in various sizes and do not require any additional weights or equipment.

7 - Exercise Mat

Depending upon the flooring in your home, it is essential to have an exercise mat on hand. An exercise mat provides confidence in your workouts by adding extra cushion and a non-slip surface for comfortable floor workouts. The padding will protect your knees, elbows and tailbones during floor exercises and also provides balance and stability, not to mention keeps the floor clear of scuff marks from shoes. Having an exercise mat handy is also great for yoga and easily rolls up to save on storage space.