There's Ways to Find Great Office Rentals

In an ever competitive business world, companies have adopted a holistic approach to finding great office space as they seek to maximize on the employee's experience and performance. Companies believe in employee comfort as a factor that can influence their productivity. In fact, studies have shown that employees who are more satisfied with their work environment have a more positive attitude towards work. Such workers are less likely to quit in search of greener pastures.

As a result, firms are usually faced with the difficult challenge of finding an ideal office location since they have to consider two things: the type of work that they do and the workers' feelings. For example, a company that specializes in the manufacture of items will pick a location closer to the raw materials so as to save on transport costs. However, the factory cannot be so far away from towns or places of residence since very few people will be interested in working there. In order for companies to avoid such unnecessary scenarios, they should use the following guidelines.

The 5 Steps to Choose A Great Office Space

  1. Have a Conversation with the Current Property Manager
  2. Identify the Required Surface Area
  3. Consider the Employees
  4. Choose a Renowned Agent
  5. Consider the Lighting and Ambiance

The Strategies Explained

The reason why one should have a conversation with their current property manager before moving to a new place is because there might be a better option at a cheaper price. For example, if a company wants to move because they want to expand and increase the number of employees, their current property manager might be able to give a recommendation. Additionally, since the property manager knows the company and has worked with them for a long period, he or she is more likely to give them a discount on the lease of new office space they may have elsewhere.

The company should also identify how much floor area they need. If they underestimate the space, and the place turns out to be smaller than what employees expected, the workers might feel suffocated and very uncomfortable. Experts recommend that one should use 1000 square feet of space for every 4 to 6 employees. This way, workers can easily move around, and they can enjoy their time in the office.

Being considerate of employees means that companies put the needs of the worker first when choosing an office space. For example, a firm has to think about where most employees live before they move to a new location. If the company shifts to a far away place, they might have to spend more on employee transport. The decision might also reflect badly on the firm since prospect workers might avoid the company because they assume that the management doesn't care about their employees. Therefore, being considerate of the workers ensures that they adapt to the new office space well.

To guide them with choosing the right office space, a firm should hire a real estate agent with a good reputation. These will likely be able to find the kind of space that a firm is looking at while potentially finding it under budget. It’s one of the best ways to save money while looking for rental space. Alternatively, the company can work with an agent that they have worked with before to avoid any uncertainties. Firms that decide to work with any agent risk being scammed and getting into pricey deals. Except in rare circumstances, new agents don't really know the market as well as the experienced ones. Hence, working with a trusted agent guarantees the company a worthy deal.

Finally, a great office space has nice lighting and ventilation. The company should consider these factors because they are the most likely to influence employee moods. If the office space is dark, it looks and feels gloomy. Thus, workers tend to feel more burned out and less motivated. The same is true if the temperatures are too high or too low. Hence, a firm should select an office space with good ventilation and lighting because these factors influence employee moods positively.

The above strategies will help companies find great office space. An important point to add is that a good office space has three things: it is affordable, it is conveniently located, and it has a nice ambiance. Although the first factor is more closely related to the firm's financial goals, the second and third options are closely linked to employee productivity and satisfaction. Therefore, a great office space aligns the workers' needs with the firm's goals.