Tips For Getting Discounts While Talking to Customer Services

Calling customer service is not a fun experience for anyone. Whether you're not happy with your cable bill or your cell phone bill, you still should figure a way to negotiate a better deal.

Sometimes you'll have to literally sweeten the deal. It may take you a few representatives and a couple of hours on the phone, but you'll end up saving more than you anticipated. Here are some tips to score a deal from a customer service representative.

1 - Use GetHuman To Get Through To Customer Service

Need to get an answer quickly? Tired of going through the prompts? GetHuman is a free online service that will direct you to customer service. It'll include prompts such as press "0" or press "5" to get through to customer service. You may have to wait on the phone depending on the time of day, but you'll reach an agent much faster than you anticipated.

2 - Include A Brief Description Of Your Complaint

Get your complaint out in writing before contacting customer service. You want to describe your issue in detail without overwhelming the representative. Once the representative is aware of your issue, he or she may have to transfer you to a supervisor or another agent who can address your problem. Make sure you have a one-sentence summary of your problem ready before you call.

3 - Say "Please" And "Thank You"

Be polite as possible during the call. People who use phrases such as "please" and "thank you" succeed at negotiating at their cell phone contracts. It also helps them lock in a better deal than they initially bargained for. Show gratitude by telling them you appreciate their help or that you're grateful for their service. The representative will be so happy with your mood that he or she may even give you a discount.

4 - Make Friendly Conversation

Avoid silent pauses and awkward moments by talking to the representative. Treat them like a human being, not a service provider. Talking to them about their day or the weather will prompt them to give you even better customer service. It shows the representative that you care about them. It may even help you get a few discounts on your service.

5 - Be Patient If You Get Transferred

There will be times when a customer service representative can't address the issues to all of your problems. He or she may need to transfer you to another agent who can help. You may feel like you're being brushed off, but supervisors and higher level agents have an advantage when it comes to making decisions. It's a good thing that your call is being escalated to another department. This can help you succeed at negotiating at your cable contract.

6 - Don't Lose Your Cool On The Phone

Never become irate with the customer service professional. You may have a reason to get angry, but you shouldn't take it out on the individual. Never make your issue personal. If you start screaming at the representative, he or she may accidentally disconnect the call, which makes things even more frustrating. You'll have to start the call all over again with another agent.

7 - Don't Make Fun Of The Agent's Accent

As you probably know, most companies outsource their customer service agents. This should be common sense, but you should never make fun of his or her accent. If you can't understand the representative, then politely asked to be transferred. You don't even have to give a reason why. He or she can help you find a representative who you understand and can address your concerns.

8 - Request To Cancel Your Service

Sometimes you may not be happy with the service you receive. If all else fails then you should request to cancel your service. When most representatives hear this, they'll try to smooth things over by offering you a deal or transferring you to another agent. This can help you negotiate a better contract with your cable or cell phone provider.

Never go on social media to blow up at the company. There have been many people who have taken to Twitter to air out their frustrations about the level of customer service they received. Don't be one of those people. Sometimes a simple complaint to the company is all you need to get the point across.